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We invited parents to learn more about career discovery process & the fellowship on a live call with us & teachers from Ryan International School.
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Sunrise careers carefully curated for students to discover


AMAs and live events with industry leaders


Professionals from various sectors and fields

About the Fellowship

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Developed with global startup founders
Modeled after Standford's IDEO framework
Based on Google Venture Sprint Design

250+ sunrise careers across 25 emerging sectors

We have carefully curated a library of in-demand and up-coming careers for the fellows to explore. Fellows will discover a wide range of career options and can choose to dive deeper into a new career every week.

80+ live events with guests from industry

Fellows can join the weekly AMAs (Ask Me Anything) & live fireside-chat to interact with startup founders, leaders from the corporate world, prominent figures from art, literature etc. These events will give exposure to the scale of success possible across various careers, inpsire them and spark their curiosity.

1-on-1s with 200+ mentors

Fellow can connect with professionals currently working in the industry through 1-on-1 calls. Mentors share insider view about their careers and fellows can discuss their career roadmap and have questions answered.

Workshops & courses from partner universities

Fellows can apply and take mini courses to advance in their areas of interest. They will also earn certificates that can be used for college applications later. We've partnered with the best universities to bring these courses to our fellows.

Externships with partner startups

Externships are industry immersions & workplace experiences designed to expose fellows to the real world of working in their preferred careers. Fellows can apply & take externships with unicorn companies across various sectors.

Mental wellness program

Mental wellness is an often neglected pillar in the growth of young students. We've partnered with Evolve Inc to bring their self-care program which is based on scientifically proven tools & techniques.

Fellows get access to Clymbe's member-only app

Enrolled students will receive app download & login instructions in the welcome email.

Fellowship Fee

Less than a monthly Netflix subscription
Special pricing for
Ryan students

For 12-month access to Clymbe platform and services

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Have questions? Watch the replay of live orientation with parents.


Access to directory of 250+ sunrise careers
Mentor masterclasses for each career
250+ student driven projects curated by the mentors
Access to 80+ AMAs & weekly live events
Access to all Clymbe events, Clymbe Global Career Fair
A unique self-audit to understand yourself better
The detailed portfolio builder
Scholarships to deserving candidates
Premium access to Evolve's mental wellness program at no extra cost

Plus, priority access to:

on extra chargeable basis

1-on-1 calls with our network of 200+ mentors
Certificate courses from partner universities
Externship opportunities with partner startups

Common Questions

Will Clymbe prepare the fellow to take up a certain career?
Let's not jump the gun! First you need to focus and give time to identify which careers interest you. Even when you are eliminating a career, you are closer to your destination! So for now, let's focus on deciding what you like and what you don't.
How much time committment is required from fellows?
We have designed the program in a way that fellows can get the benefits without having to reschedule their day. Fellows are expected to invest upto 3 hours per week.
When will the fellowship start?
New fellows are onboarded on a rolling basis and will be school specific. Dates will be communicated to students & parents over email.
What happens at the end of the fellowship
Career Discovery is an ongoing journey. As time passes, there will be more careers to explore. There will also be several other activities that will help the fellows gear up for their work-life. After a year, Fellows can renew their fellowship & continue discovering the future of work through various stages of their career discovery journey.
How do students discover careers?
Fellows explore directory of 250+ careers and curate their favourites in one place. Each career can be scheduled for discovery during weekly cohorts that start every Monday. Fellows have full control over the choice of career they want to discover and their discovery schedule.
How to reach us?
Drop us an email at and we'll respond asap.

The future belongs to those who discover it today

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