• Sanyukta Singh

bridging the gap between the new and the norm. 

1. Your child wants to study something you haven’t heard off..What do you do?

Don’t be overwhelmed. The world is moving forward and with new needs and larger problems to solve, there will be modern fields to cater to them. The best way to go ahead with your child’s out of the box interests is to partner up and indulge in research. Before canning any choices, everything deserves a thorough vetting. Which brings us to the next point:

2. How to guide your child into exploring the new fields? Keeping the career tests and guidance apart, push your child to dig deeper into the arena of his/her interest. Every bit of information is available on the net. So make your child do the work. Go through the syllabus of various universities offering courses of your choice. Read about the opportunities and benefits these institutions offer for the course. Gather all information that will assure you of your child coming out as a trained professional of whatever discipline he/she chooses. 

3. How do we know that the field will suit your child?

Make an assessment. Does your child’s skill set match with what is needed for the sphere they want to explore? It doesn’t have to match by 100%. Any child possesses a set of skills which need to be brushed upon and polished during their undergraduate study. Designing a list of what’s present and what’s required will give you an insight into your kid's ability to learn the necessary skills required in the future. Furthermore, an alternative way would be to gain exposure by working in the field. Internships may be a good start for your child to comprehend the practical application of a discipline. Many times, things look rosy from the outside ,however, once we dip our feet in, we realise if we are actually fit for the job or not. 

4. Does the field have a scope in the future?

Get in touch with industry professionals from the sector. Try to understand the path they took to reach where they are. This will ensure you of a ‘safe’ environment for your kid. And a plan that is reliable for the future. Apart from this you could get in touch with career counsellors who will bridge this gap for you by connecting you to various professionals.

5. Why is jumping on the bandwagon not the best solution? We know it is easy and safe to do what is common and has a well-defined path followed by many. The career could be in trend or the career has been opted for by every member of the family. But that doesn’t mean your child will enjoy the same discipline. It is better to let your child discover a platform that will not only satisfy them but also secure their livelihood. 



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