Our Mission

Rachana Thamankar & Prajakta Kuwalekar
Founders, Clymbe

Let's be honest,

Most students don't have the luxury of mentors and first-hand experiences that could help them make informed career decisions. As a result, they end up settling for what their peers are doing or what they've been told to do.

We want to change this. That's why we are building Clymbe

A platform that provides students exposure to the real-world of work at an early stage.

We proudly call ourselves India's first 'liberal edtech' because we believe academics alone shouldn't define you. Talent is not a function of grades but a function of curiosity. Our curriculum will instill curiosity and a newer perspective.

Through our flagship Future of Work Fellowship, young & curious students are exposed to a diverse set of careers & perspectives — helping them gain valuable insights & industry knowledge. We collaborate with top companies & industry leaders to deliver our programs that help students develop practical skills, build a mindset needed to thrive in a fast-changing world & discover their passions — ultimately preparing them for the future of work.

We have enough friends that dread Monday mornings. The thought of going from a lazy weekend to a busy week is daunting but should it be that way? We think it's possible to love what you do and preserve mental health while also being professionally productive. Work-life balance is a lot more important than being used just as a buzz phrase. We account for that in our curriculum.

We operate based on an ancient Japanese principle of ikigai. It means one's reason for being. When you arrive at the intersection of what you are good at, what you love doing, what the world needs, and what you will be rewarded for, you reach your potential. And you are happy doing all this, not stressed.

What's our ikigai ?

To build an alternate, experiential global e-university that trains teenagers to become innovators, problem solvers, and impact the lives of billions of people. We have a vocation based approach to education. The National Education Policy launched recently in India has actually lent our curriculum clarity and credibility.

Clymbe is the missing half of school we wish existed when we were kids.