find what you love, find what you're good at; 

find what the world needs, find what you can be rewarded for

what comes with clymbe membership

6-8 weeks industry immersions where you get trained, are assigned a mentor and then work in an organisation to solve a practical business challenge.


you will learn from dedicated high performance coaches and executive trainers about how to balance work, life, relationships and have a fulfilling career. 

life coaching

soft skills are just as important as hard skills. you will dedicate 2.5 hours every week to learn about emotional intelligence, how to deal with anxiety all while upskilling your hard skills. 

upskilling courses

"nurture" is as important as "nature". this new take on aptitude testing will help you investigate what you can develop alongside what you already possess. 

ikigai test

mental wellness is important for holistic growth. career discovery can not function in isolation. we provide frameworks so you can get control of the confusion in your life.

brain gymming

an AI based dashboard will provide you all the information you need about your growth and development. the dashboard can also be downloaded as your personal career portfolio. 

dynamic portfolio

meet our champion coaches

nush lewis


Nush Lewis is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer-songwriter based in Mumbai, India. Having trained in the piano in her childhood and since then extensively in the harp, she has completed her performance course in the harp from one the finest institutes in the country, the KM Music Conservatory, Chennai, India.

donning multiple hats, as a composer, she’s collaborated with producer Ayan De in 2015 and released her debut EP “Fused”, which was critically acclaimed. In April 2019 she released her second EP, “Bridges”.

an avid advocate for music and the arts, in 2017, Nush started her own arts education company, OffSet. an independent art property, Offset was created to directly support arts education and creative development with support from their respective industries and has been generating tremendous support since it’s inception. She has also been a faculty member at various music schools and was part of the Curriculum Development and Outreach department at the True School of Music, Mumbai, India.


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