Shashi Tharoor to inaugurate National Education Policy Conclave 2021

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April 30, 2021

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor will inaugurate the National Education Policy Conclave 2021, organised by Clymbe, which will take place on January 12, from 4:00 pm. This conclave will allow students, teachers, parents and policymakers to meet on a common platform for the very first time to discuss the implementation of the NEP released in 2020.

The conclave will delve deeper into how the school ecosystem plans to implement it over next few years. Dr. Shashi Tharoor, MP Lok Sabha will deliver a keynote address and share his insights on how the policy can be augmented.

However, the zoom meeting will be invitation-based and anyone who wants to attend would need to register on the official website of Clymbe first. Registrations will close on January 11, 2021, 8 pm.

‘Careers of the future’ directory to be released

India's very first directory of 'careers of the future' will also be released on the occasion of the conclave. The '100 careers book' has 100 futuristic careers spread across 10 sectors that have witnessed technology disruption.

Students can learn about careers in AgriTech, FinTech, SpaceTech amongst others.

Who will be attending the NEP conclave?

Around 500+ parents, principals, teachers and students are participating in this event. A panel discussion with education experts such as Dr. Snehal Pinto (Director, Ryan Schools), Raghav Podar (Chairman, Podar Schools), Gaurav Gutpta (Asia Director, Dalberg), Natasha Joshi (Advisor, Nilekani Philanthropies), Sharon Zacharia (EdTech Analyst, World Bank), Anurag Kundu (Chairman, Delhi Commission for Protection of Child Rights) will shed more light on what changes parents and students can expect over the next few years.

Panel of teenagers

A panel of teenager students is also curated to ensure their voices are heard. This panel will be moderated by Rida Yumn Ahmed, 17-year-old teenager from Gurgaon who has been working with various SDG projects with international organisations.

"I have been reading up on the NEP policy for the last few months but have been clueless on what it means in real-life for students like us. There is a lot of confusion and I hope to address the same along with my co-panelists at the conclave,” she said.

Full scholarships for EWS students

On this occasion, Clymbe will launch full scholarships for students from EWS backgrounds and have the potential to participate in the Clymbe 'Future of Work Fellowship' starting in April 2021.

About Clymbe

Clymbe is a career discovery platform for teenagers. 97% students in India opt for merely 7 career options.

Clymbe will introduce teenagers in India to 250+ career options and provide early-skills training in 10+ sectors of the future - AgriTech, FinTech, ClimateTech, MediaTech, ConsumerTech, SpaceTech, CreativeTech, HealthTech, Build For Bharat and EdTech.

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