over next three years, we will train and coach genZ in 250+ professions that are mostly unknown today.


we want to create the workforce for tomorrow.

we are the world's first career discovery platform that maps one's ikigai

we combine adaptive career testing, externships, industry access, executive coaching, networking, and portfolio building. 

why are we doing this?

students have access to a lot of aptitude tests.

have these aptitude tests changed at all? for decades students are answering the same standardized questions and getting the same answers about which careers to pick. this traditional approach is creating herd mentality and hoards of students are clogging the talent pipeline. many young talented people are ending up with the same skills and education further leading to competition.

average engineer salaries in India range from 13,700 INR per month to 47,200 INR per month. every year 1.5 million engineers are added to this pipeline further intensifying competition and reducing intake. we need alternative career options and clymbe will become the hub to provide access to them.


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